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Zebra Finch:


Genomics Resources

NCBI: Zebra finch genome: NCBI page for the latest zebra finch genome assembly.

NCBI: Genome annotation page: The latest zebra finch genome annotation by NCBI/RefSeq.

Ensembl: Zebra Finch: Latest Ensembl release of the zebra finch genome (see also UCSC BLAT Browser).

UCSC ZF Blat Browser: Browser for BLAT mapping sequences to the Jul. 2008 Taeniopygia guttata draft v3.2.4 genome assembly (and other species).


Transcriptomics Resources

Brain Transcriptome LibraryDatabase of songbird cDNA clone information (Jarvis lab; Duke University). Clones are annotated with behavioral information, and are linked to information about homologous genes in other species.

CUGI BAC/EST ResourcesThe zebra finch Estima collection and BAC library are available as a full library or as individual clones.

NCBI ZF Nucleotide BLASTZebra Finch Nucleotide BLAST search.


Bioinformatics Resources

ZF KEGG Pathway DatabaseZebra finch specific KEGG Pathway maps assembled from RefSeqs information.




Genomics Resources

Ensembl: ChickenThe latest release of the chicken genome from Ensembl.


Transcriptomics Resources

GEISHAOnline repository of in situ hybridization and corresponding metadata for genes expressed in the chicken embryo during the first six days of development.




Transcriptomics Resources

UCSC VisiGene Image BrowserBrowser for in situ image collections in mice and frogs at varying points in development.

GenePaint.orgDigital atlas of gene expression patterns in the mouse.

The Allen Mouse Brain AtlasGenome-wide, high-resolution atlas of gene expression throughout the adult mouse brain.



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